Do Not Waste Time! 10 Ideas & Pointers About Hummert International

Hummert International is famously termed as a commercial distributor of horticultural equipment and supplies. The launch of the new website is a sign of their dedication to offering the most appropriate goods and services to vegetable growers, professional gardeners, and other clients.

It’s presently referred to as the best commercial greenhouse supplier on the market and they always make certain that the clients will have more comfort when shopping. Having a new website with new features could make this possible since you could browse and purchase anything you need online.

Now you can find the most appropriate goods that they have to offer online in addition to the traditional catalog that they offer. You may also opt to make an online purchase and get the items directly on your doorstep.

The organization began in 1932 by August H. Hummert Sr. who was providing garden supplies to St. Louis area florists, professional gardeners and more. In case you are speaking about experience, it is safe to assume that only a couple of companies can match the amount of experience that this company has and they’re still in the market until now.

Actually, the popularity of this company came from their comprehensive supply catalog. This company is a well-liked hydroponics supplier and they provide different items like garden equipment, commercial pots and flower containers, nursery supplies and many more.

Their reputation originated from the number of goods that they are offering. It has permitted the clients to obtain access to all the merchandise that they want with regards to gardening. They will not check other shops because they could already get what they need here.

The new website will indicate their dedication to offer the best services and gardening items to the clients. With the features that this site has, the customers will not have a difficult time finding the goods that they actually need. Basically, this website advantages both the customers and the corporation itself because the corporation will get details regarding the buying preferences of the customers while the other party can get their goods more conveniently. The site also allowed the clients to obtain access to the list of items that the company offers anytime. As long as they’ve got their mobile phones and they’re connected to the Internet, they’re able to view the list and make orders anytime, anywhere.

Hummert International is not only known in all 50 states because it’s also popular in 70 foreign countries worldwide. They maintain a large inventory of 32,000 products and they find new solutions to add more goods to the list. It means that the clients can expect to see new items on their list as they are trying their best to boost it further. Excellent consumer care will always be the main emphasis of the corporation. They always ensure that the clients will get what they want when it comes to gardening.

You do not have to go elsewhere because Hummert International has all the things that you’ll require with regards to garden supplies. You can always check their site and see what you may obtain.


Hummert International
4500 Earth City Expy, St. Louis, MO 63045
(800) 325-3055

Bryzos Impact on the Steel Industry

Reasons To Choose Bryzos

Many people are already using e-commerce websites today for their purchases, so why would you choose Bryzos over the other sites? It is true that this platform is launched recently, but it’s an online platform developed by industry veterans so even if the platform is new, the people who built it were well versed in the steel pipe industry already. This site is similar to Amazon, but this platform is focused mostly on steel items and accessories so it will be less difficult to find steel items here than other platforms. Bryzos understand the steel market and they undoubtedly know the flow of transactions on the market. With that knowledge, they knew that they could provide the best services to all the buyers and sellers.

Straightforward Recommendations When Thinking Of Steel Pipe And Tube

The steel industry has certainly moved on because Bryzos is a new online platform that will allow sellers to post their steel items online and for buyers to have a wide range of choices when finding steel items and accessories. You will likely be able to buy stainless steel pipes, seamless pipes, galvanized pipes and more without issues. With the aid of this platform, you could start ordering steel products no matter where you are in the world. If you’d like to find high-quality products and the best steel pipes supplier, this is your best bet.


Bryzos Steel Marketplace

7733 Forsyth Blvd #1100, St. Louis, MO 63105

(844) 427-9967

News On How To Locate Buying And Selling Properties In St. Louis

REI House purchasers is presently entering the St. Louis home buying and selling market, which is good news due to the fact 
that they are among the highest rated house purchasers and sellers in the marketplace at this time.

There are lots of house buyers in St. Louis and you will find also a lot of sellers, but you should assume that it will 
take months or even years to buy or sell their properties. Selling and buying homes in St. Louis does not have to be 
complicated and this is what REI Real estate buyers are intending to show.

The aim of REI Home purchasers is to make certain that sellers will not have to spend a lot of time waiting for their 
property to be sold and that buyers can also assume the easiest and swiftest of transactions. House buying in Saint 
Louis will definitely be a lot easier with the aid of REI Real estate buyers.

Property Buying In St. Louis

There are definitely lots of St. Louis house purchasers, but they end up buying the incorrect properties since they 
don't know what to do. Finding a home to buy is easy, but picking the right one is very difficult. It's not a better 
plan to just have one or two options when you're buying property because if you can check multiple properties, you can 
easily get the best house that would fit your preferences. This will offer the buyers a possiblity to get a house that 
they want for a good price.

REI Real estate buyers help the buyers discover the house that they're trying to find because they've got a large database of 
homes and properties for sale in St. Louis.

REI Home Buyers Group
(314) 925-0059
6266 Gravois Ave, St. Louis, MO 63116

Selling A Property In St. Louis?

Most folks think about how to "sell my house in St. Louis", but this is actually an issue that will not affect you too 
much if REI Real estate buyers help you. They will be sure that a regular flow of prospective purchasers will view everything.

So what is the key reason why people turn to REI Real estate purchasers in St. Louis when you are talking about selling 
a property? Sellers won't have to wait for a long period just to sell their house. Not only do REI House purchasers 
ensure plenty of viewings, they will also buy homes for cash and manage all the documentations and paper works needed. 
This would be a very good deal if you will sell your home fast. You can be waiting to buy a new home that you don't actually 
wish to lose or you actually realized your property investments for other reasons.

Selling a home can be difficult and take months or even years. If you actually have REI on your side, the procedure will 
likely be quicker and it won't have troubles.

Renting A Property In St. Louis

Aside from buying or selling, there are also some house rentals that you can find in St. Louis. It will likely be very difficult 
to go around the area to find rentals so you can go directly to REI House buyers and seek rental houses.

Purchasers, sellers and renters won't need to spend a lot of time seeking the best deals for them because REI Real estate 
purchasers can offer this.

Investing In Your Child’s Education

St. Louis, Missouri (April 16, 2018)- The ACT can be a test that many students dread taking because it is long, timed, and difficult. It covers multiple subject areas, therefore it is hard to succeed if you are struggling with one of those areas. Many students take the ACT numerous times because they are not satisfied with their scores the first few times. These scores can be very important because they give students the opportunity to be accepted into their favorite colleges and also receive scholarships.

As you can see, it is crucial to do well on the ACT, therefore, tutoring and test preparation could make a world of difference.  ACT test prep has the best results when students have one-on-one settings with instructors over a long period of time. The best results cannot be seen in a few short sessions, but rather over the course of time. Preparing for this test on a regular basis is sure to bring confidence and higher test scores. Mackler Associates has worked with hundreds of students to gain knowledge and improve their test scores, preparing them for their futures in college.

ACT tutoring is important because the higher your score, the more colleges that will consider you, as well as the larger amounts of scholarships you can receive. Investing in your student early on can have a major payout in the long run. The small amount of money you pay for tutoring now will not compare to the amount you will save in college from all the scholarships they will receive.


Mackler Associates

1067 N Mason Road #5, St. Louis, MO 63141

Springtime Precautions: What to Look For

St. Louis, Missouri (April 9th, 2018)- With Spring being in full swing, it brings warmer weather, flowers, and outdoor activities. On the other hand, Spring brings storms and allergies as well. It is important to be aware of the potential hazards that can come along this time of year and know what to do to if a situation were to occur.

With the weather being warmer, many people tend to go mushroom “hunting” looking to make a delicious meal out of their treasures. While this can be a fun activity, it is key to know the difference in the mushroom types to prevent eating poisonous mushrooms. If the wrong type of mushroom is consumed, it could lead to nausea, vomiting, and emergency room visits.

Another hazard that most people do not think about as harmful would be Benadryl® overdoses. With allergies being in full effect this time of year, Benadryl® is used to treat itching, hives, URI symptoms, motion sickness, and insomnia. People do not tend to realize that too much Benadryl® can lead to a diphenhydramine overdose because it can cause significant toxicity. This harmful substance has been increasingly affecting teenagers and young adults due to it being cheap and easy to obtain, being used as a hallucinogen as well as an attempt at suicide.

Be aware of the potential hazards that Spring can bring along, and know who to call if you have questions or concerns. The Missouri Poison Center is the best place to turn to with any poison-related questions. Their website is loaded with useful information regarding potential poisons and what to do if one is to occur. They also have an extremely useful helpline that is available 24/7 for people to take advantage of if necessary.


Missouri Poison Center

7980 Clayton Rd # 200,

St Louis, MO 63117

Comparing the Conventional Fixed Rate Loan to the VA Home Loan

St. Louis, Missouri (March 26, 2018)- Applying for a home loan can be an intimidating, big step for most individuals. Some people have to wait for many years before they can finally get to that point because there are many challenges. There are multiple types of loans to choose from that meet different people’s needs, leaving something out there for everyone. Two types of loans that vary from one another are the VA home loan and conventional home loans. The VA loan is directed towards active duty military, veterans, reservists, as well as some military spouses. A conventional loan is available to anyone, depending on factors such as assets and credit.

Some of the details for VA loans are they are only available for primary housing, while conventional is available for secondary homes, as well as investment properties. Some benefits of the VA loan are no down payments, no insurance required, and the loan rolls in your closing costs. Some benefits of the conventional loans are that they are flexible and available to everyone. With conventional loans, insurance is typically required, the down payments may vary, as well as any additional fees. While these two loans are very different from one another, they both have their benefits and drawbacks.

Meeting with an expert such as Liberty Lending Consultants can help you determine which loan type is right for you. They offer financing for other types of loans as well, not just these two. They offer St. Louis VA home loans, Conventional fixed-rate mortgages, FHA loans, as well as USDA or Rural Development loans.


Liberty Lending Consultants, Inc.

1950 Craig Park Ct #100, St. Louis, MO 63146

Winter Weather Damage

St. Louis, MO (February 23, 2018) – Snow and ice can inconvenience people whether it be hazardous road conditions or causing damage to your home. Winter weather is beautiful but has the ability to be destructive as well. Rely Roofing wants to warn its customers of the harms winter weather can cause to your roof. Large amounts of snowfall or ice can be an issue if the roof is sagging or the beams are creaking. Making sure that your roof is safe this time of year is crucial and Rely Roofing is there to help you through this process.

The team at Rely Roofing strives by having exceptional customer service, keeping people coming back time after time. They try to do whatever possible to repair your roof instead of having to replace the entire thing, which will save you plenty of money. This company in the St. Louis area provides flat roof installation and repairs to residential and commercial buildings. They also do restorations, which can extend the life of your roof up to 10 years. Rely Roofing has been providing exceptional service since 1976 and continues to change to meet the needs of their customers. One way they have done this was by implementing a 24-hour Emergency Repair Service, with prompt callback times to ensure you won’t be left waiting. This service may be necessary during the winter season because you never know what mother nature has in store. Rely Roofing is the company to go to if your flat roof is in need of repairs, restoration, or if you are looking for a new installation.


Rely Roofing, LLC

3748 McKelvey Rd.

St. Louis, Missouri


Benefits of an Online Quiz

Erlanger, KY (February 21, 2018)- Online quizzes are often taken for pure entertainment purposes, not as a learning process. Everyone wants to see which character from the TV show or movie they relate to the most, but there are no actual benefits of taking these quizzes. Adams, Nash, Haskell & Sheridan have a vulnerability quiz located on their website that is educational and helpful. ANHS is a team of union avoidance consultants that has been in business for nearly 30 years. Their vulnerability quiz is designed to assist companies in seeing how susceptible they are to union organization. This quiz will generate a score, as well as provide a written assessment to further explain what the score means. If union organizing is something you may be concerned about, taking this vulnerability quiz is for you, especially since you only need to provide a name and email address to get all of these results. The quiz assesses your company in six different target areas to see if any are weaker than the rest. If your results say that you are susceptible to union organizing, getting some union avoidance training may be helpful.


Union avoidance training is just one of the many services that ANHS offers. They provide urgent services, as well as strategic services depending on the immediate situation a company may be in. They have a 95% success rate in over 1,400 union organizing campaigns, which makes it hard to argue their services. ANHS would love to offer their help, so start by taking their vulnerability quiz found on their website.


Adams Nash Haskell & Sheridan

3861 Olympic Blvd,

Erlanger, KY 41018

Tips to Travel Effectively

Chicago, IL (February 19, 2018)- Traveling can be one of the most stressful, but also rewarding things to do. There are many aspects of traveling that nobody looks forward to. These inconveniences can deter people from visiting their dream destinations or events. There are many tips to keep in mind when traveling to help make your experience enjoyable and carefree.



Things may go wrong, but don’t let it bother you. Your flight may get delayed due to weather, or you may forget your favorite top, but don’t let those inconveniences ruin your trip. You wouldn’t want to fly in dangerous conditions and nobody can change mother nature, so there is no reason to let that be an issue for you. There are usually plenty of stores around to purchase a new top, and who knows, you may find a new favorite. Being flexible and relaxed will help to keep you stress-free while on vacation.



Planning ahead is key to have a smooth trip. Making a list of the places you would like to visit can help to optimize your time while there. Make sure to book your hotel in advance in order to avoid last-minute fees. Some cheap hotels near Chicago offer discounts and free parking if booked ahead from their website. Making reservations will ensure you get into all of the high-quality restaurants you want without having to waste your entire day waiting for a table.



Don’t let the stress of work or to do lists keep you from having fun. Even if you are visiting for a work trip, make time to do something for yourself. Don’t miss out on experiencing the city because you were worried about time. Even if it something as simple as trying a new place for lunch, make sure to pencil in time for yourself to have fun while traveling.


Ohio House Motel

600 North Lasalle Street

Chicago, IL 60654

Why You Need to Optimize

Why You Need to Optimize

Today’s marketplace is almost entirely driven by the internet. Most businesses have a website, conduct official communication via email, or engage in online advertising. This means that customers are online too, and one of the best ways to reach them is through a search engine.

Unfortunately, the attention span of your average online shopper is quite short, so being seen is difficult. Potential customers will use a search engine but will only peruse the top few results, so there is a constant race to be near the top. Many companies turn to search engine optimization, or SEO, to help them become more visible online.

One St Louis SEO agency, Insite Advice, employs a variety of different strategies including social media links, press releases, and email newsletters to boost results and rankings. This combination of tactics, along with a variety of other secret strategies, enables companies to be found more often and make more money.

The process involved is intense- Google has systems and algorithms in place to keep their search results populated with the most relevant results. This means that a restaurant can’t buy their way into the top spot of a search looking for a grocery store. With enough time and effort, however, a restaurant can climb to the top spot based on highly searched keywords and an optimized website.

Stand Out While Fitting In.

Youth today want to differentiate themselves from each other more than ever before.  They use instagram to share unique photos and snapchat to prove they did fun things.  The desire to share expresses individuality.  However, being accepted as part of a group has always been a relationship goal.  Popularity has been a sought-after status since communities first started to give it value.  Young adults want to fit in, but not so much that they disappear.  Understanding how these two desires can both be achieved is complicated.  But the answer can be found at universities.

An example of how this translates to current culture is the customization of college clothing.  Joining a fraternity or sorority is a popular college option, and showing off acceptance by the group can be done by displaying Greek letters on hats, shirts, and pants.  What is most interesting is that once a student acquires the particular letters of their Greek system, they want the logo to be unique.  This demand is so high, in fact, that a custom T-shirt company in Columbia, MO has been in business for 25 years simply to personalize clothing items and cater to students.  Each fraternity or sorority has it’s own letters for identification, but most brothers or sisters wear shirts with completely individual designs.  This is the best way to demonstrate fitting in without disappearing.

How to Sell in the Digital Age.

Develop a web presence.  It’s important to have a website and include enough information about your company so consumers can make an informed decision.  The next generation relies almost entirely on information obtained online, so it’s best to provide that where it is wanted most.

Solicit and publish reviews.  Having customers talk about your business is a great way to build trust.  Advertising can be manipulated but real people talking about what really happened at a business carries the most weight when someone is researching what to buy or who to buy it from.

Have quality photos. Everyone has a camera on their phone but product photography still exists because you need a professional who makes your items look great.  People online will judge based on the first impression and if what you sell does not look great, it might not sell at all.  The images of your product can easily be compared to every other image on the internet, so trust a professional who knows lighting, aperture, depth of field, and angles.  What you sell will be compared side by side with your competition.

Sell good things.  Whether product or service, the same rules apply to the digital age as the days of trading.  Make something great so people will come back.

There’s an Extinguisher for that

Many people think that when a small emergency fire breaks out, you can point any random fire extinguisher at it and solve the problem.  But different types of materials burn in different ways and therefore might need a special type of extinguisher.  Luckily, fire extinguisher suppliers like Gateway Fire Supplies provide information on the five different types of fires.

The first type of fire burns materials such as wood and paper.  These are called class A fires.  Most burning trash is also included in this category, as well as most plastics and rubber.

The second type of fire is class B, and it includes liquids.  Class B liquids that can catch fire are oils, tars, petroleum grease, solvents, and some paints.

Class C fires involve electricity.  If a power cable overheats or an appliance short circuits, you have a class C fire and need to make sure your extinguisher covers this type of problem.

Most A, B, and C class fires can be put out with the same type of extinguisher.  You will see find the extinguisher is labeled by class, such as a 5lb ABC fire extinguisher.

Class D fires deal with metals.  You would think all metals are fire-proof but magnesium, sodium, and potassium are flammable.  Naturally, these types of fires are most likely to be found in an industrial setting.

Similar to class B fires, cooking liquids that catch fire are class K fires.  Vegetable oils, animal oils, and fats comprise class K fires.

Social Media Release Criticism: Nine Points to Consider

Social Media Release Criticism: Nine Points to Consider

The recent release of the Social Media Groups Digital Snippets social media release (SMR) template caused a wave of excitement and criticism, both on and off line. Just to recap some of the posts:

Shannon Whitley: “There seem to be more entries in the world of SMNR creation tools, which is great news because we can all benefit from this creativity. However, Id like to throw out a challenge to folks like Edelman, WebITPR, Social Media Group, et. al. Ive been working on hRelease for several months now. Its supposed to be a community effort that will help move the SMNR distribution process forward.”

Jason Falls: “The template basically says you can share information about this product or company (Digital Snippits was developed in Social Media Groups work with Ford Motor Company) but we dont really want to make it easy for you to see an independent third partys review of it. in my opinion, it isnt a step forward in the evolution of the social media release.”

Chris Heuer does a nice video recap on the history of SMRs and their purpose.

Off-line criticism that Ive been privy to:

  • Digital snippets is really just PR Newswires MultiVu socialized
  • Lack of comments on Digital Snippet SMRs
  • Ive also received a couple of remarks from folks who seem miffed that newbies and sophomores with at most two or three years of social media experience are disturbing the process. That not enough research has been done.

Thoughts Moving Forward

Before moving forward, I advocate for SMRs. They’re in Now Is Gone and one of the most successful posts on this blog was an SMR case study.

Press releases are not exciting documents, often loaded with spin and jargon. While still a tool in the communications professionals arsenal, they do not comprise strategy, nor should they be relied upon as ground-breaking news mechanisms. Social media environments require a different way of disseminating news so that content creators, individual stakeholders reading social media, and possibly journalist can get this information. Enter the SMR.

But to date the SMR has not been widely adopted (though picking up momentum), and there is increasingly greater separation on SMR thought and purpose. The following candid points seek to address some of the criticism to date, and perhaps help SMR developers create widespread adoption:

  1. SMRs and press releases are tools, not strategies. If you dont have a great story to tell, they wont work. Many folks have said this, and this fact should always frame SMR discussion.
  2. We are inside the bubble, and much of the discussion to date revolves around technical merits (comments, MultiVu, YouTube or not) and means nothing to the average PR practitioner.
  3. The average PR practitioner wants a tool that serves a function: Communication with social media communities. Adoption of SMRs relies on intelligent discourse about what social media stakeholders want and need, not what we the PR 2.0 community thinks. Maggie Fox and SMG have done some research to this end, and it shows in her template. Thats why it is a step forward. Sharing this research would be helpful.
  4. Discourse needs to revolve around actual experiences on what has worked and what has not. Again, inside the bubble chatter means little, what does mean something is results. Enough SMRs have been published that we should be able to discern what works. That means people need to share their results.
  5. The ideal result from an SMR should be to engage social media communities, in turn causing community members to create their own discussions. Kami Huyse and I call this storyboarding.
  6. Whats becoming very apparent in my experience and from seeing other SMRs is they are not ideal vehicles for hosting conversation. The fundamentalist view that comments must be part of an SMR seems ridiculous to me. A nice value-added feature, but here are eight ways to have a better conversation: 1) Post SMR in blog and ask for comments, 2) better yet, write a post thats more conversation in tone 3) Use Facebook Ask Qs on the SMRs topic 4) YouTube/Seesmic 5) Utterz 6) Solicit feed back from bloggers before releasing 7) Twitter it with Qs. 8) Get a guest spot on an established BlogTalkRadio show. Etc., etc.
  7. Old-timers in the social media space need to remember theres a great influx of new readers and minds. They would be better served embracing these people, and making their past content easily available than kvetching about how no one researches.
  8. Old-timers in social media need to realize that innovation and adoption will occur with or without them. History means nothing when people with two years, two months or two days of social media experience are trying to create a solution that will work for their companies and paying clients.
  9. A reality check is in order, too. Dismissing people for lack of social media experience when theyve embraced it 1) pushes them away; 2) reduces the amount of valid real world marketing experience in the process. My blog is two years old. Yet one of my first article assignments professionally in 1994 was on this crazy technology called Mosaic. 15 years of technology PR and marketing experience later, I find this elitist point-of-view to be invalid and insecure.

Collectively we can do more than individually. Collaboration works better than ivory tower development.

My one major concern is that technical form must serve functional need. Great technical toys without purpose dont help us. Web 2.0 has been great, but we need to keep our eye on the prize, which is business function. The SMR has great potential for communications professionals, but its the entire online communications industrys responsibility to participate and help make something that will work.

To continue the discussion, Shannon Whitley has agreed to a Buzz Bin interview. In addition, after SHIFT releases its next version of the SMR template, there will be a roundtable on SMRs hosted on Now Is Gone. Todd Defren, Jason Falls, Maggie Fox, B.L. Ochman and Brian Solis have agreed to participate.

Women Snubbed in Top Ten Speakers List, Industry in General

Women Snubbed in Top Ten Speakers List, Industry in General

In a blog post listing the top ten social media speakers, The Speakers Group (TSG) listed voices for your consideration. Not one of the speakers was a woman, highlighting a much larger social media services industry problem where women are often overlooked for top speaking gigs, and don’t rank as well as men.

Ironically, this topic first came to mind last week when Allyson Kapin a.k.a. @womenwhotech led a spirited DC Media Makers session (pictured below) on the same topic. So when I saw the TSG post, I felt compelled to write. I come to this discussion as someone who organizes BlogPotomac, a successful, regional social media conference that intentionally highlights female speakers; as a blogger who has discussed the social media and PR industrys glass ceiling both in the office and in the blogosphere; and, yes, as a man who speaks frequently on social media.

There are three problems in the TSG post: 1) A lack of transparency and professional responsibility in the blog post itself; 2) the complete snubbing of women in a highly questionable top ten list, and 3) the larger industry issue that conference organizers apparently want male speakers more than women. For those of you who are used to short posts, I apologize in advance. I am going to handle each of these three issues independently.

Goodness Gracious, Great Blogs of Fire

Goodness Gracious, Great Blogs of Fire

Stephanie Massler examines how brand enthusiasm impacts media buying on Doe Anderson. Stephanie provides two thoughtful examples and offers five guidelines for an advanced media purchasing framework. These include focusing not on how many people you reach, but in how you are able to connect with your audience. She also suggests focusing on your cost per engagement. Visit Stephanie’s post for her full details and share your thoughts.

Is “trading off people’s feelings for page views and Twitter followers” worth it? Jason Calacanis’ email – posted on Calacanis.com – is a power reminder of the importance of remaining human online. Jason shares his firsthand account of Josh Harris’ story, and he pulls from his own experiences to make a statement that there needs to be more online empathy. Read Jason’s powerful email and remember his words as you contribute online.

Are you looking for additional opinion on the brand winners and losers from the Super Bowl? Rohit Bhargava’s says, “Some of the best campaigns of the Super Bowl season were efforts launched online or that had a significant online component, but the fact remains that many Super Bowl ads simply didnt work this year.” Rohit offers valuable lessons for why the losers failed, and substantiates on why others were successful. Read Rohit’s analysis, and share your own thoughts on Influential Marketing Blog.

“Pop quiz: What was the brand or branded product most often mentioned in social media at the end of last year?” asks Abbey Klaassen of AdAge.com. Abbey shares with her readers those brands which led the internet with the most social media mentions. Abbey’s data was provided by Virtue, and it examined approximately 2,000 brands. It is no surprise that the iPhone topped the list, but see what other brands rounded out the top 50.

(Disclosure: Network Solutions is a client of Livingston Communications) On KDPaine’s PR Measurement Blog, Katie looks at how social media, especially Twitter, can be used quickly to take advantage of a marketing opportunity. Katie offers four lessons from Network Solutions Twitter coupon campaign, which ran in response to GoDaddy’s Super Bowl advertisements. Katie says, “Social media offers an incredible opportunity to organizations that listen carefully and can move quickly in response to a Twitstorm.”

On PR Squared Todd Defren asks buyers of PR services to take a different approach when they are not satisfied with their current results. Todd suggests, “If your problems are related to the performance/creativity of your team but not to the agency’s training and capabilities, consider asking for a brand new team, instead of firing your agency outright.” Todd’s point is that part of a successful working relationship is developing chemistry, and a different team within a larger agency may be able to offer a better chemistry.

One Dimensional Social Media Sucks

One Dimensional Social Media Sucks

Ever since Forrester put out its report stating that consumers don’t trust 86 percent of corporate blogs, there have been a plethora of blog check up, and reasons why posts. Here are some of my favorites:

  • A blog should feel like a gift (Kami Huyse)
  • Health Check: How trusted is your blog (Jeremiah Owyang)
  • No News Here (Debbie Weil)
  • On the Other Hand, Maybe Your Company Shouldn’t Blog (Mitch Joel)

In the end, consumers don’t trust corporate blogs because they are one dimensional pieces of propaganda, and no one want to read corporate drivel (see Blog Council post on topic). It sucks!

Really, it’s that simple.

Welcome to the Twilight Zone: Social Media

One dimensional social media is about me, my personal brand (good Conversation Agent discussion here), my company, our products, buy, buy! Note the absence of real world matters, meaningful dialogues about better products or fixing broken ones, discussion of marketplace problems, meaningful macro trends, cross-links, comments or community issues. There is no substance in your average corporate blog, Twitter microblog ,influencer relations effort or Facebook engagement. Heck, for most corporate communicators engaging on that level is like visiting the Twilight Zone.

This is something that gets to the very heart of social media. People are not an audience, they are a community that wants to be engaged, not messaged at! Want to be safe? Publish a newsletter. Want to build relationships and have meaningful dialogue, then stop publishing content and participate!

Participation is marketing, not tossing a bunch of chic advertising agency designed contests at the blogosphere. Creating meaningful calls to actions that people care about, that’s social media engagement. Create environments for people to engage and get out of their way! Help others achieve their needs and wants. Resolve their problems! That’s what companies should do (case studies here and here).

It’s common sense, but it’s not safe. Because it involves risk, it involves putting the company out there, and taking feedback. It means talking about things other than you or your organizational endeavors. It even means being wrong sometimes.

86 percent stinks. I don’t anticipate that changing too much more towards the positive. Why? Because PR, marketing and corporate communications are incapable of performing on the front line. No matter how much smack they talk.

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