Sports Marketing and Advertising is,

a major part of the marketing and advertising industry not only in the United States but across the globe. Sports, athletics, and competition is ingrained in our DNA and is a major part of our cultures. Take the Olympics or FIFA World Cup for example. Sports are an integral part of almost every culture or tradition. Humans have been competing to showcase athleticism and talent since the beginning of the human race. It only makes sense that such a major part of advertising and marketing is based around sports. Here’s an overview of what sports marketing or advertising looks like today.

The Average Sports Marketer

The average sports marketer or advertiser makes $115,000 a year. Of course, this salary varies drastically depending not only on location but client-base. Small Midwestern sports marketing firms might only pay their staff $60,000 a year while a long-time employee or a multi-national sports marketing firm based in New York City might make upwards of $1 million a year.  Sports marketers and advertisers, however, on average make more than other marketing positions.

Across the globe, the role of a sports marketer or advertiser is universal. Depending on what type or sports marketing an agency or individual focuses on, their day to day work schedules will vary. Some sports advertisers might work directly with athletes while others might work with major brands. Here are the three types of sports marketing roles.

The Three Types of Sports Marketing

Marketing a Sport or Leauge to Increase Participation

This is the least common type of sports marketing. Some leagues or government organizations will call upon sports markets to get youth or younger adults to get involved in a certain sport or league. Though rare, the main purpose is to have a league grow or encourage exercise.

Marketing a  League or Sport

Similar to the first type, this type of sports marketing is usually practiced just to increase viewership of a certain sport or team. Leagues will often promote their brand and sport just before a season begins or during a tournament or championship.

Marketing a Brand or Product Through Sports

This is one of the more lucrative and popular types of sports marketing. Sports advertisers or marketers will have well-known athletes market certain brands of products. Many well-known ad campaigns of the last few decades resulted from this type of sports marketing.