Introducing Google for Jobs, Google’s Pro-Job Search Initiative

Searching for the perfect job just got easier thanks to the web developers over at Google. If you haven’t noticed, Google has begun showing you jobs directly on the search engine’s results page. You’ll no longer be required to click through dozens of job site links to find positions that fit your search. Just search jobs near me or “nurse jobs” and Google will do its best to put job listings at the top of your search engine result page.

This month old (the feature launched June 20th) known as Google for Jobs is part of a company wide initiative at Google to make it easier for those seeking jobs and those wanting to fill positions to connect with each other. The first part of Google’s jobs initiative was to optimize Google’s search algorithm to showcase open positions based on specific keywords. Here’s how it works.

Let’s say you’re a nurse and you’re looking for work in the St. Louis Area.  There are a variety of sites including Monster, Indeed, and PracticeMatch that will have within their site, thousands of job listings for nurses. Before the Google for Jobs initiative, you’d have to scrolls through each site’s thousand or so listings for nurse jobs in the St. Louis Area. Now, thanks to the Google for Jobs initiative, you’ll be able to see all relevant nurse positions right on Google’s search result page.

This is a fantastic tool and it’s only supposed to get better. Google has stated that the search engine and tech giant plans to continue to optimize their search engine and other products to help job seekers and employers.